Keystone Foundry, formally Keystone Brass Works, is an ISO 9000 registered facility. Keystone has been a division of United Brass Works, Inc. since 1974. As such, it provides high quality pressure tight bronze castings for United’s industrial valve product line in a variety of bronze alloys such as CDA 836, CDA 844 and CDA 922. Additional alloys poured include aluminum bronze, manganese bronze and a variety of lead free alloys.

In addition to servicing United’s requirements, Keystone is heavily involved in the production of custom brass and bronze castings for the other companies. We work with a wide range of companies in a variety of different industries producing custom designed castings. Casting sizes range from a few ounces to 30 pounds. Keystone has both long and short run capabilities including prototypes for new product designs.

We can work with your existing pattern equipment or provide new equipment if necessary from your drawings or samples. Through our in-house tool room, all pattern equipment is maintained on site. We provide in-house gating services using state of the art casting simulation software which predicts potential casting flaws and allows them to be addressed before metal is poured.

When it comes to matchplates, Keystone has extensive experience working with cast or mounted pates as well as wooden patterns. When it comes to core boxes, our preference is for cast iron shell boxes, but we work with wood, aluminum and a variety of plastic CO² boxes as well.

In conjunction with our parent company, United Brass Works, Inc., Keystone Foundry can offer complete turnkey parts that are machined and tested. Keystone eliminates the need for dealing with multiple sources to achieve a finished part. Impregnation services are available as well.